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6" Natural Rubber Anchor Band: 6mm Width, x 2mm Thick, 160mm Lay Flath Length.  1 pound bag.  


One thing to set our bands apart from others in our industry is that ours are made from 75%natural rubber.  Natural rubber is harvested from rubber trees.  Most modern rubber products are made from synthetic rubber products made from petroleum.  Our natural rubber bands have 100% more elasticity than their synthetic counterparts (mostly EPDM products) and 70% more memory once stretched. 


The real benefit in the agriculture setting is that our bands are formulated to degrade in the sun after 12 months.  Once they fall off they biodegrade into the soil.  Traditional EPDM (synthetic rubber) bands last 3-5 years and have to be cut off, captured and put in a landfill as they will not biodegrade for about 75 years.

6" Natural Rubber Anchor Band

1 Pound

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