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Fiberglass Tree Stakes 

A major trend over the last 10 years in the fruit and nut tree business has been the transition from bareroot to greenhouse production. This has allowed growers to control the conditions in which the tree or plant is grown, harvested, and planted. But, moving production indoors has required nurserymen to rethink the space it takes to grow a healthy tree or plant. Enter the fiberglass tree stake. When the size of the root ball must be scaled down to now fit in a tiny pot, every inch of space in that pot is precious, that’s when you want to utilize fiberglass stakes. Fiberglass plant stakes allow nurserymen a tree support system that has the strength to hold up the scion, but is thin enough to not disturb the space crunched root ball. 

For more information on determining the size of fiberglass plant stakes that you need, please contact us.   

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