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More Ways To Use Bamboo in Your Garden

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Bamboo is such a versatile and strong material to use in any garden or landscaping project. We love to spend some time scraping the internet to see what's new and what folks are making with bamboo these days. Each time we hunt for new ideas, we are blown away by the talent and creativity we see. We can definitely see ourselves enjoying a few of these great ones.

Here are some of our latest finds, enjoy!

The stand-alone cabin with bamboo awning is our most favorite although the Bamboo Tiki Jacuzzi lounge comes pretty darn close! We can imagine ourselves ending each day in the tranquility of either of these options.

Surprisingly we haven't seen this creative bamboo pole trellis walkthrough before and think it's really great! It provides a lovely shaded and visually pleasing experience for anyone walking through the garden or yard.

If you have any seafaring water lovers or fishermen in your family, they may appreciate the cut bamboo pole fencing with the rope barrier. It creates a subtle yet nautical feel that even land-lovers are likely to appreciate.

So while we are certainly impressed by the creativity we see out in the world, what we love to see most is what our customers are actually building with their bamboo. Yes, we're talking about you! If you'd like to be featured on our blog, please contact us, we'd love to showcase your latest bamboo project!

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