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Founded in 1912 Max Company of Japan has been the world leader in stapling and general office products for over a century.  And thus is was an odd marriage when a bareroot tree farmer from Visalia CA, Bob Ludekens, approached this traditional Japanese company with an idea for developing a hand held machine that would wrap "Miracle Garden Tie" a product Bob had recently invented to replace the ribbon and string that had previously been used to attach young plants and trees to their stakes. Years of trial and error followed, but eventually the Max Tapener products and accessories were born. The Max Tapener is a plastic and steel gun that holds a roll of green tie tape and simultaneously wraps the tape around the tree and stake. While using Max Tapener Staples, it then staples the tape to itself and cuts a perfect loop. Today the Max Tapener is without a doubt the gold standard in tie tape machines. We are pleased to offer you the latest Max Tapener (redesigned in 2018), and all Max Tapener products and accessories, such as the Max Staples and Max Blades. 

Max Tapener Products & Accessories

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