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How To Use a Bamboo Divider in Your Home and Garden

We are huge fans of functional designs for your home and garden. This brings us to a trend we are currently inspired by: bamboo divider walls and screens.

Here's why we love them. 1. Bamboo dividers offer an aesthetically pleasing floor-plan change. As you can see in this image (courtesy of Pinterest), the bamboo screen provides a creative and stylish reading nook of sorts. Without this bamboo divider, we imagine this area of the room to be a bit empty and unusable for its inhabitants.

2. Bamboo dividers create much-needed spaces.

Need a changing room option in your backyard near your pool? That's exactly what we imagine to be the perfect use for a bamboo divider like this. No more wet guests walking through your house to change at your next pool party!

3. Bamboo dividers are great for hanging things.

Why hang your pool towels on a clothing line or one of those foldable racks when you can toss them over a nicely designed bamboo divider like this one?

4. Bamboo dividers help make the most of a tiny space.

When your tiny patio goals include competing needs, a bamboo divider is a perfect solution! As you see in this image, the divider allows for a plant-pot garden as well as a creative way to hide an ugly air conditioning box.

As you can see, most of these bamboo divider options can be lined up as your next DIY project. If you'd like to know which bamboo poles would be best for such projects, please contact us. We're happy to help!

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